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Your sales: a passion for Serge Villeneuve

Serge Villeneuve, founding president of SVM, has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. His expertise lies mainly in the retail market at the national level (K-Mart Canada Ltd.) and in sales and marketing at the national level  (Nabisco Brands and Hershey Canada). Since 1989, he and his sales team have been mandated to support businesses,  by increasing sales and coverage at provincial and national levels.

Since the establishment of SVM, Serge Villeneuve has always offered personalized service, in order to meet each client’s goals. 

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SVM Sales and Marketing Agents since 1989

An experienced team will give your products the best visibility and maximize your sales under each banner. With SVM, you reduce your costs without neglecting your results!

At SVM, your product becomes our product and your business becomes our business!

MISSION: Be the leader in personalized sales and marketing solutions 

VALUES: Confidence, Transparency, Results, Quality of work 


At SVM, we offer a personalized brokerage service to all our principals.

We limit our list of principals to a maximum of 12 to make sure we are able to maintain a truly exceptional level of service.

Several of our principals have been with us for 10 years or more. We work closely with each of them, from day one, to ensure optimal in-store coverage for their product lines.